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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

18.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Used EUR pallets221321
18.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Pallets221317
18.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 1Steel slag221310
17.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 1Copper ore221236
17.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 2Zinc dross221232
17.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 2Antimony ore221228
17.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 1Steel dust221226
17.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Print magazine221225
17.09.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 1Zinc ores221224
17.09.2014Nigeria Nigeria 2Textile fabrics221222
17.09.2014France France 1Plastic barrels221220
17.09.2014Nigeria Nigeria 1Tallow for soap221218
17.09.2014Nigeria Nigeria 1Towels221216
17.09.2014France France 2Plastic barrels221214
17.09.2014Nigeria Nigeria 1Hard winter wheat221212
17.09.2014Nigeria Nigeria 1Artificial leather221210
17.09.2014Syrian Arab Re... Syrian Arab Re... 1Polyester crepe yarn221208
16.09.2014Bulgaria Bulgaria 3Ammonium nitrate221133
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 3Hardwood logs221130
16.09.2014Hungary Hungary 2Frozen pork221127
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 2Sugar crystal221126
16.09.2014Hungary Hungary 2Paper packaging for sugar221123
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 2Woodchips221122
16.09.2014Hungary Hungary 2Plastic scrap221121
16.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Sausages221118
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 2Energy drinks221116
16.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Sausages221114
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 2Softwood timber221112
16.09.2014Iran Iran 2Alfalfa hay221111
16.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 4Hams221110
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 2Refined sunflower oil221108
16.09.2014Great Britain Great Britain 2Used rails - R50, R65221107
16.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Sausages221106
16.09.2014Hungary Hungary 3Adhesives and sealants221105
16.09.2014Slovakia Slovakia 3Diesel221102
16.09.2014Hungary Hungary 2Paper packaging flour221101
15.09.2014India India 4Dog food221017
15.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1MFP building boards221012
15.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Spruce timber221008
15.09.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Aluminum pipes221006

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