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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

24.10.2014Cameroon Cameroon 5Garlic224448
24.10.2014Hungary Hungary 4Thermal insulation of house224435
23.10.2014Hungary Hungary 7Chicken224359
23.10.2014Vietnam Vietnam 5Copper ore224347
23.10.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh 5Chicken feet 224328
23.10.2014Togo Togo 5Used computers224321
22.10.2014Togo Togo 7Used clothes for men224213
22.10.2014Togo Togo 6Used boots for men224205
22.10.2014Poland Poland 5Wood briquettes224204
22.10.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 7Zinc oxide224196
22.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 7Thermal insulation of house224194
22.10.2014Poland Poland 7Wood pellets224193
22.10.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong 7Zinc dust224189
22.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 7Thermal insulation of house224185
22.10.2014Togo Togo 5Used clothes for women224183
21.10.2014United States United States 8Iron ore224111
21.10.2014Korea Korea 7Non-ferrous metal scrap224110
21.10.2014United States United States 7Soybeans224108
21.10.2014United States United States 6Solar panels224104
21.10.2014Vietnam Vietnam 7Spruce timber224101
21.10.2014United States United States 7Feed corn224097
21.10.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 6Cashew nuts224093
21.10.2014United States United States 7Crude sunflower oil224091
21.10.2014Hungary Hungary 6Road freight transport224084
21.10.2014Great Britain Great Britain 7Refined sunflower oil224079
21.10.2014Hungary Hungary 6Road freight transport224076
20.10.2014Korea Korea 7Copper wire scrap 224074
20.10.2014Mexico Mexico 11LNG224072
20.10.2014United States United States 8Non-ferrous metal scrap224070
20.10.2014Korea Korea 9Copper scrap224068
20.10.2014United States United States 7Metal scrap224065
20.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 7Cosmetics for women224048
20.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 6Cosmetics for men224046
20.10.2014United States United States 9Mazut M100224043
20.10.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 9Surgical gloves224039
17.10.2014Ukraine Ukraine 13Urea223825
17.10.2014Swiss Swiss 15Computers223824
17.10.2014United States United States 14Millberry copper wire223821
17.10.2014India India 17Bras223820
17.10.2014Japan Japan 14Copper cathode (99.99% Cu)223817

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