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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Dried fruits207401
22.04.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 2Metal scarp HMS 1&2207400
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Beddings207399
22.04.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 1Metal rails207398
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Car parts207397
22.04.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 1Copper scarp207396
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Herbs207395
22.04.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 2Brass scarp207394
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Thermal insulation of buildings207393
22.04.2014United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 2Aluminum scarp207392
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Mattress207388
22.04.2014Poland Poland 2Seamless tube with diameter 323207387
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Pillows207386
22.04.2014Germany Germany 2Plastic films - LDPE207385
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Camouflage nets 207384
22.04.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh 2Platinum207383
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Hardening steel207382
22.04.2014Poland Poland 2Seamless tube with diameter 323207381
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Plastic covers207380
22.04.2014Austria Austria 1Fence panels207379
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Road panels (second hand)207376
22.04.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh 2Liquid gold207375
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 2Brass plates207374
22.04.2014Poland Poland 1Seamless tube with diameter 323207373
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Thermal insulation of buildings207372
22.04.2014Lithuania Lithuania 4Animal edible oil207371
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 6Buckwheat hulls207370
22.04.2014India India 4Copper scarp207369
22.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 4Geotextiles207368
22.04.2014Lithuania Lithuania 2Second hand clothing207367
31.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 403Liquid Fertilizers169649
30.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 344Improving Renewable Energy Resources Efficiency169500
29.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 321Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments169413
25.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 605360’ Pathview Camera System with Software for Visualisation and Digital Mappin.....169159
24.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 330Planting Potatoes169152
24.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 307In-licensing agreement sought on immunogenic peptides suited for linkage with an.....169065
23.01.2013Czech Republic Czech Republic 278Outlet clothing and footwear (supplier)168996
23.01.2013Czech Republic Czech Republic 314Cleaning services (daily cleaning)168994
23.01.2013Czech Republic Czech Republic 291Office supplies (Pardubice Region)168993
23.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia 274Engineering and material design applied to yacht sector for the development of a.....168936

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