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Welcome in your business marketplace. Find business opportunities, get new clients and increase your profit. Inquiry service allows companies to find relevant enquiries. Enquiries are submitted directly by companies or institutions.

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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

25.10.2016Spain Spain 37Brass scrap278723
24.10.2016Spain Spain 56Aluminium scrap278677
24.10.2016Spain Spain 36Zinc scrap278662
24.10.2016Spain Spain 47Copper scrap278653
21.10.2016Romania Romania 48REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL278625
21.10.2016Great Britain Great Britain 37Cashew Nuts278620
21.10.2016Italy Italy 44REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL278610
21.10.2016Romania Romania 48Corn Seeds278605
11.10.2016United States United States 32Lead scrap278099
11.10.2016United States United States 52Brass scrap278094
10.10.2016Germany Germany 46Road freight transport278074
10.10.2016United States United States 49Copper scrap278069
10.10.2016United States United States 39Metal Scrap278064
10.10.2016United States United States 50Aluminium scrap278059
07.10.2016Greece Greece 55LDPE Scrap278004
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland 58Aluminium scrap277974
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland 48Copper scrap277964
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland 52Metal Scrap277954
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland 49Steel scrap277944
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland 64Used tires277924
05.10.2016Poland Poland 45Plastic LDPE scrap277909
04.10.2016Germany Germany 62Road freight transport277834
04.10.2016Germany Germany 59Road freight transport277814
03.10.2016Great Britain Great Britain 68Beer277769
03.10.2016Germany Germany 56Road freight transport277764
03.10.2016United States United States 67Glass bottles277760
30.09.2016Korea Korea 64Thin-walled steel pipes277635
30.09.2016Australia Australia 75Electrical cables scrap277630
30.09.2016Cypros Cypros 78Lead ore277627
30.09.2016United States United States 57Waste from plastic bottles of milk277624
30.09.2016United States United States 53Frozen chicken claws277621
30.09.2016Australia Australia 71Aluminium scrap277618
30.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia 72Bitumen - Slovenia277615
30.09.2016Korea Korea 52Steel pipes capillary277612
30.09.2016United States United States 67Petroleum product JP54277609
30.09.2016Australia Australia 66Polyesters - Australia277606
30.09.2016Swiss Swiss 65Cleaning solvents277603
30.09.2016Cypros Cypros 67Nickel ore277600
30.09.2016United States United States 66Waste plastic barrels277597
30.09.2016Korea Korea 48Steel pipes oval277594

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