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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

26.03.2015Nigeria Nigeria 0Cigarette236275
26.03.2015Hong Kong Hong Kong 0Zinc (waste and scrap)236263
26.03.2015Hong Kong Hong Kong 0Antimony ore236257
26.03.2015Australia Australia 0Copper scrap236248
25.03.2015Canada Canada 2PET scraps236097
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Polyester scraps236093
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Plastic scrap - LDPE236091
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Plastic scrap - ABS236089
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Polyvinylchloride scraps236087
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Polycarbonate scraps236084
25.03.2015Canada Canada 2HDPE scrap236081
25.03.2015Canada Canada 1Plastic scrap - LLDPE236079
25.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 3Titanium dioxide236065
25.03.2015Togo Togo 3Used clothes for men236059
24.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 3Copper cathode 236055
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Battery scrap236046
24.03.2015Slovakia Slovakia 4Beer236043
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Metal scrap236038
24.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic 3Applied filters236037
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Brass waste236036
24.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic 3Office paper A3236033
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Lead waste236030
24.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 4Wheat bran236028
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Aluminium scrap236024
24.03.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 3Copper scrap236018
23.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 7Monosodium glutamate235926
23.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 5Skimmed milk powder235920
23.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic 5Feeding barley235917
23.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic 6Rye feed235915
23.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic 5Feed wheat235913
23.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 5Oil seeds235912
23.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 3Crude palm oil235895
20.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 11Palm kernel oil235671
20.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 11Seaweed235668
20.03.2015India India 10Stainless steel tube235662
20.03.2015India India 10Alloyed seamless steel tubes235658
20.03.2015United States United States 9Copper scrap235656
20.03.2015India India 9Steel shots for shot blasting machine235654
20.03.2015Malaysia Malaysia 10Tuna chunk in soya oil235644
20.03.2015United States United States 10Copper wire235640

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