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Welcome in your business marketplace. Find business opportunities, get new clients and increase your profit. Inquiry service allows companies to find relevant enquiries. Enquiries are submitted directly by companies or institutions.

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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

02.02.2016Poland Poland 7Mineral water257424
28.01.2016United States United States 26Copper scrap257102
28.01.2016United States United States 25Aluminium scrap257098
28.01.2016United States United States 26Lead scrap257096
28.01.2016United States United States 26Brass scrap257084
28.01.2016United States United States 26Zinc scrap257076
26.01.2016Korea Korea 26Sawdust256892
26.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh 11Black Pepper256890
26.01.2016Israel Israel 13Hadr fire wood256888
26.01.2016Romania Romania 11Refined Sunflower Oil256886
26.01.2016Israel Israel 11Wood Charcoal256881
26.01.2016Korea Korea 13Aluminium ingots256879
26.01.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 10Sunflower Oil256870
26.01.2016United States United States 13Wood Charcoal256863
26.01.2016Ukraine Ukraine 11Butter256861
26.01.2016Serbia Serbia 12PE scrap256859
25.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 14Mobile Phone Accessories256750
25.01.2016United States United States 13Copper scrap256746
25.01.2016United States United States 13Wood Briquettes256744
25.01.2016United States United States 12Marble tiles256740
25.01.2016United States United States 15Aluminium scrap256738
25.01.2016India India 13Aluminium scrap256734
25.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em... 15Mobile phones256730
25.01.2016United States United States 13Extra Virgin Olive Oil256728
25.01.2016United States United States 15Aluminium ores256724
25.01.2016United States United States 12Lead ores256722
25.01.2016Poland Poland 15Springs256720
25.01.2016United States United States 13Olive Oil256718
25.01.2016United States United States 13Copper ores256716
22.01.2016Korea Korea 15Aluminium ingots256637
22.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh 15White Pepper256631
22.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh 13Copper scrap256623
22.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh 13Black Pepper256621
22.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh 13Aluminium scrap256611
22.01.2016Great Britain Great Britain 14Marble256608
21.01.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong 17Antimony Ore256499
21.01.2016India India 15Coconut water256497
21.01.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong 15Copper ores256495
21.01.2016Uganda Uganda 17Manganese 256489
21.01.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong 14Aluminium ores256487

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