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Welcome in your business marketplace. Find business opportunities, get new clients and increase your profit. Inquiry service allows companies to find relevant enquiries. Enquiries are submitted directly by companies or institutions.

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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

29.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 0Lead scrap270271
29.06.2016United States United States 0Wood chips270265
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Wheat - feed270260
29.06.2016Turkey Turkey 0Figs and dates270259
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Corn bran270258
29.06.2016Turkey Turkey 0Walnuts270253
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Feeding barley270252
29.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 0Stainless Steel Scrap270250
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Tapered roller bearing270249
29.06.2016Turkey Turkey 1Refined Sunflower Oil270247
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Feeding triticale270245
29.06.2016Turkey Turkey 0Raisins270244
29.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 1Zinc ore270238
29.06.2016Turkey Turkey 0Pistachio nuts270235
28.06.2016Netherlands Netherlands 1Copper Cathode270176
28.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 1Copper ore270173
28.06.2016Turkey Turkey 1Cane sugar270170
28.06.2016Ukraine Ukraine 1Recycled PET Bottle Scrap270167
28.06.2016Turkey Turkey 1Refined Sugar Icumsa 45270164
28.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 2Lead ore270161
28.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 1Zinc scrap270152
28.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 1Metal scrap270143
28.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 1Refined corn oil270140
28.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 1Aluminium scrap270137
27.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 1Wood pellets269873
27.06.2016United States United States 1Sugar ICUMSA 45269870
27.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 1Refined sunflower oil269867
27.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain 1Copper scrap269864
27.06.2016United States United States 1Canned Sardine269861
27.06.2016India India 1Black Pepper269858
27.06.2016Ireland Ireland 1Glass scrap269855
27.06.2016Ireland Ireland 1Metal scrap269849
27.06.2016Ireland Ireland 1Aluminium scrap269834
24.06.2016Ireland Ireland 3Copper scrap269279
22.06.2016Italy Italy 8Bearings269030
21.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 8Geared motor269015
21.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 9Thermal insulation of a house269011
21.06.2016United States United States 8Plastic HDPE scrap268989
21.06.2016United States United States 7Plastic LDPE scrap268980
20.06.2016Spain Spain 6Cosmetics for men268961

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