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Welcome in your business marketplace. Find business opportunities, get new clients and increase your profit. Inquiry service allows companies to find relevant enquiries. Enquiries are submitted directly by companies or institutions.

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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

01.06.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria 2 289099
28.04.2017Great Britain Great Britain 1 287247
19.04.2017Great Britain Great Britain 0 286651
15.02.2017Great Britain Great Britain 204Newsprint Paper283715
15.02.2017United States United States 183Wood Pellets283705
08.02.2017Ukraine Ukraine 215Sunflower crude oil283257
07.02.2017Ukraine Ukraine 187Soybean crude283236
07.02.2017United States United States 159Used Cooking Oil283231
07.02.2017Ukraine Ukraine 161Sunflower refined283226
07.02.2017Russia Russia 143Sugar beet283206
31.01.2017Spain Spain 132Refined Sun Flower Cooking Oil282863
31.01.2017Ukraine Ukraine 140Aluminium Ingots282853
31.01.2017Russia Russia 130Aluminum Ingots282848
30.01.2017Germany Germany 124Used Cooking Oil282824
23.01.2017Italy Italy 146Copper Ore282474
19.01.2017Venezuela Venezuela 145Copper ores282344
18.01.2017Latvia Latvia 162Bees Wax282311
18.01.2017United States United States 151Halal Chicken282301
18.01.2017Canada Canada 137Copper scrap282286
17.01.2017Romania Romania 146Refined Sunflower Oil282261
11.01.2017Portugal Portugal 150Copper scrap281957
10.01.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria 165Lead ores281937
10.01.2017Portugal Portugal 149Copper Cathode281932
10.01.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria 150Copper ores281922
29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 254Bearings281506
29.12.2016Poland Poland 234Meters Maddalena281504
29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 246New roof281503
29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 232Granules for dogs281501
29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic 225Wooden planks on the floor281500
21.12.2016Portugal Portugal 265Tin ingots281232
21.12.2016Portugal Portugal 187Corn oil281227
21.12.2016Netherlands Netherlands 152Soaps - Netherlands281222
21.12.2016Portugal Portugal 157Old copper cathodes281217
20.12.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 166Refined corn oil281206
20.12.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 183Copper ore281196
20.12.2016Hungary Hungary 164Metal transport containers281191
20.12.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria 191Zinc ores281186
20.12.2016Great Britain Great Britain 169Petroleum products281181
20.12.2016Netherlands Netherlands 189Wood pulp281176
20.12.2016Portugal Portugal 173Used cooking oil281171

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