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    Dry wood raspings
    Semi-finished products from steel plate
    Aluminum extrusion
    Be wire Cu Be 2 on average 0.65 and 0.60, the wire Cu Sn 6 on average 0.63
    Perforated aluminium foil

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Last 40 enquiries

22.07.2014India India 0Sodium bicarbonate215978
22.07.2014Swiss Swiss 1Tablets215976
22.07.2014India India 0Baking soda215975
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0BIO wheat215974
22.07.2014France France 0Aluminium scrap215973
22.07.2014Vietnam Vietnam 0Yellow popcorn seeds215972
22.07.2014France France 0Aluminium ingots215969
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Books and publications215968
22.07.2014India India 0PET waste215967
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0BIO naked oats215965
22.07.2014Iran Iran 0Aluminium scrap215964
22.07.2014Colombia Colombia 0Copper cathode 215963
22.07.2014Iran Iran 0Equipment for the production of hydrochloric acid215961
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0BIO oat215959
22.07.2014India India 0Crude degummed rapeseed oil215958
22.07.2014Germany Germany 0Wooden furniture215957
22.07.2014Ecuador Ecuador 0Soybean oil215955
22.07.2014Italy Italy 0Nutritional drinks for athletes215954
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Plastic bags215953
22.07.2014Togo Togo 0Used cars215952
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Balloons215950
22.07.2014Brasil Brasil 0Chocolate215949
22.07.2014Germany Germany 0Wooden doors215946
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 0Gabion mesh fence215945
22.07.2014Swiss Swiss 0Performance tyres215944
22.07.2014Great Britain Great Britain 0Military footwear215943
22.07.2014Slovakia Slovakia 0Plastic tanks - IBC containers215942
22.07.2014India India 0Soybean meal215941
22.07.2014Italy Italy 0Protein bars215938
22.07.2014Ecuador Ecuador 0Refined sunflower oil215937
21.07.2014Iran Iran 1Equipment for the production of calcium chloride215827
21.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1The windows in the apartment building215826
21.07.2014Pakistan Pakistan 1Compressor scrap215822
21.07.2014Ecuador Ecuador 1Palm oil to the cooking215821
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss 1Mobile and computer games215819
21.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Bleaching and fixer215817
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss 1Console games215816
21.07.2014Togo Togo 1Used tires for passenger cars215815
21.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic 1Wooden dry sawdust215814
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss 1Mobile phones215813

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