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Agriculture, food and beverages

Enquiries in industry : Agriculture, food and beverages. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1511 Enquiries

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18.01.2017United States United States4Halal Chicken282301
17.01.2017Romania Romania4Refined Sunflower Oil282261
29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic94Granules for dogs281501
20.12.2016Portugal Portugal26Used cooking oil281171
20.12.2016Turkey Turkey24Frozen chickens281166
19.12.2016Ukraine Ukraine27Soybeans281135
19.12.2016Ukraine Ukraine25Cumin - Ukraine281119
16.12.2016United States United States28White Sugar281045
21.10.2016Romania Romania79REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL278625
21.10.2016Great Britain Great Britain62Cashew Nuts278620
21.10.2016Italy Italy65REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL278610
21.10.2016Romania Romania67Corn Seeds278605
03.10.2016Great Britain Great Britain98Beer277769
30.09.2016United States United States65Frozen chicken claws277621
29.09.2016Ukraine Ukraine72Paddy rice277584
29.09.2016Canada Canada63Peas - Canada277581
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal70Machines for coffee processing277575
29.09.2016United States United States68Boneless chicken wings277569
29.09.2016Canada Canada59Beans - Canada277566
29.09.2016Korea Korea60Canned pineapple277560
29.09.2016United States United States49Chicken claws277554
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal36Machines for processing rice277545
29.09.2016Canada Canada26Lentils - Canada277539
29.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic31Moravian cask wine277537
27.09.2016Ukraine Ukraine32Parboiled rice277354
27.09.2016Ukraine Ukraine28Husked rice277339
27.09.2016Ukraine Ukraine29Long grain rice277330
26.09.2016Turkey Turkey31Sugar ICUMSA 45277249
26.09.2016Turkey Turkey28Wheat - Turkey277239
26.09.2016United States United States26Protective packaging materials made of plastic for food277221
23.09.2016Turkey Turkey43Cat Food277114
23.09.2016Poland Poland45Wheat277112
23.09.2016Turkey Turkey39Dog food277110
23.09.2016Canada Canada37Chocolate bars277106
23.09.2016United States United States43Frozen seafood277103
23.09.2016Belarus Belarus45Cotton - Belarus277097
22.09.2016United States United States41Frozen shrimps277051
22.09.2016Turkey Turkey43Pistachio nuts277048
22.09.2016United States United States42Frozen fish277045
22.09.2016Turkey Turkey44Walnuts277039