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Agriculture, food and beverages

Enquiries in industry : Agriculture, food and beverages. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1237 Enquiries

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01.06.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria13 289099
07.02.2017Russia Russia705Sugar beet283206
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal337Machines for coffee processing277575
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal248Machines for processing rice277545
26.09.2016United States United States227Protective packaging materials made of plastic for food277221
22.09.2016United States United States262Frozen shrimps277051
21.09.2016United States United States200Krill powder276896
12.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia213Fertilizer - urea276216
05.09.2016Australia Australia143Booths for cats275645
05.09.2016Australia Australia137Doghouse275635
29.08.2016Greece Greece96Tuna marinated in brine275051
29.08.2016Greece Greece125Tuna marinated in soy oil275047
29.08.2016Greece Greece106Fresh striped tuna275043
25.08.2016Italy Italy195Beer274794
19.08.2016Poland Poland204Agrochemicals274284
19.08.2016United States United States175Fresh prawns274257
19.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain119Copper powder274251
19.08.2016United States United States155Frozen shrimps274245
12.08.2016Spain Spain160Alcoholic Beverages - Tequila273638
11.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia190Fertilizer - urea273485
05.08.2016Slovakia Slovakia132Lambs273018
22.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic160Nonalcoholic drinks271962
19.07.2016United States United States277Coffee Powder High Speed Packing Machine271627
14.07.2016Canada Canada99Tuna Grade A - Canada271301
14.07.2016Spain Spain201Fresh White and Brown Chicken Eggs271286
12.07.2016Great Britain Great Britain153Forest Honey271006
08.07.2016Great Britain Great Britain124Honey270894
27.06.2016United States United States138Canned Sardine269861
10.06.2016Romania Romania189Substrate268706
06.06.2016Russia Russia167Live sheep268309
26.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia243Technology for sugar factories267427
25.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia117Wine (white and red)267272
25.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia171Beers267269
20.05.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...168One day old chicks266877
25.04.2016Germany Germany139Mineral waters264428
03.03.2016Ireland Ireland165Fresh chicken eggs260246
21.01.2016India India134Coconut water256497
20.01.2016South Africa South Africa103Tuna256332
04.12.2015Great Britain Great Britain274Equipment for the production of sugar253840
27.08.2015Germany Germany148Honey247657