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Building and civil engineering

Enquiries in industry : Building and civil engineering. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1140 Enquiries

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29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic90New roof281503
19.12.2016Hungary Hungary23Aluminium doors281075
13.09.2016Austria Austria29Residential containers276279
30.08.2016Spain Spain38Representation on the market275198
30.08.2016Greece Greece45Steel components275179
26.08.2016United States United States31Building boards MGO274889
12.08.2016United States United States39Cement - USA273635
12.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain39Steel grating273629
12.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic38Floor and wall tiles273597
11.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic32Welded gratings273500
09.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic29Masonry drills273297
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia36Concrete curbs272460
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia35Concrete fences272442
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia32Paving272436
20.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic35Beams for the construction of ceilings271753
19.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic29Metal latches271646
10.06.2016Romania Romania79Building materials268709
08.06.2016Netherlands Netherlands75Asphalt flooring materials268542
02.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic62Used earthmoving machines268055
02.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic54Used road and construction machines268046
20.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia74Skid loader266896
13.05.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic63Garage doors266189
05.04.2016Nigeria Nigeria91Steel Door262792
30.10.2015Slovakia Slovakia108Aluminium windows251642
20.10.2015France France114Hand Shower251032
06.10.2015Germany Germany131Metal silos and tanks250194
09.09.2015United Arab Em... United Arab Em...109Aluminum windows248510
07.09.2015Cameroon Cameroon137MOSQUITO NETS248288
04.09.2015Great Britain Great Britain100Foof tile248217
16.07.2015Turkey Turkey154Clinker 244834
08.06.2015Sweden Sweden155Foundry coke241806
04.03.2015Qatar Qatar178Fire doors234256
27.01.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic155Plastic window231293
09.01.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic164Plastic windows229888
07.01.2015Slovakia Slovakia211Shower enclosures229655
30.12.2014Slovakia Slovakia149Aluminium windows229313
29.12.2014Slovakia Slovakia143Plastic windows229292
02.12.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic142Plastic windows227423
21.11.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh152Fire door226581
27.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic155Plastic windows224556