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30.09.2016United States United States111Petroleum product JP54277609
20.09.2016Italy Italy39Beechwood276810
02.09.2016United States United States98Wood - Eucalyptus275516
26.08.2016Lithuania Lithuania41Steel274913
28.07.2016Canada Canada50Fashion Accessories272395
14.07.2016France France63Polycaprolactone - France271280
25.05.2016Germany Germany53Live bulls267270
25.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...148Mobile phones256730
19.01.2016Singapore Singapore119Salami and ham256260
02.03.2015United States United States239Crude oil234057
18.11.2014Russia Russia229Crude oil226192
22.08.2014Great Britain Great Britain206Wooden gifts218910
22.08.2014Great Britain Great Britain166Clean steel218887
28.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic240Breeding cubicle216458
25.07.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh195LLDPE216335
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic208Balloons215950
18.07.2014Germany Germany170Hydraulic fittings215613
08.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic202Rental of scaffolding214617
20.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic185Fashion jewelry213040
16.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic226E-books209609
29.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia807Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments169413
23.01.2013Czech Republic Czech Republic756Cleaning services (daily cleaning)168994
14.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia684Marketing168115
17.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia303Scaffolding - Rental, Assembling and Disassembling166481
27.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia385Printed Advertising Carry Bags 165088
00.00.0000Slovakia Slovakia344Modelling and optimisation of low-temperature waste heat recovery for sustainabl.....165006
23.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia416Bioelectrochemical sensor for hydrocarbons detection in coastal areas164881
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia316Sportswear Tailoring164285
22.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia273Baby-sitters162555
18.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia309White Terry Dressing Gowns with Logo162255
04.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia363Installing a Sound System161217
01.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia308Sheet Cup with Handle160850
11.09.2012United States United States292Naphthalene159704
28.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia248Technology for storage of electrical energy generated by wind and sun158425
21.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia330Sustainable and green construction materials157898
09.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia290Certification of building materials as being earthquake-proof156961
25.07.2012Belgium Belgium284Fightwear Fabric155672
25.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia338Energy efficient retrofitting and renewal of existing buildings for sustainable .....155609
28.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia244Cleaning Services153775
27.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia175Packaging Solution for Salad Leaves and Flowers153713