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Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Enquiries in industry : Chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 750 Enquiries

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19.09.2016Netherlands Netherlands430Styrenics - Netherlands276677
06.10.2015Germany Germany504Reactors for the chemical industry250218
02.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic470Disposable plastic measuring cup211193
28.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic705Analytical test strips for the determination of ammonia207948
31.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1346Liquid Fertilizers169649
29.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1502Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments169413
12.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia640Magnesium Alloys166244
05.12.2012Ukraine Ukraine728Axson Polymer F16165664
05.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia756Organisations with expertise in bacterial diseases sought165634
04.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia601Organic Ice-Cream for Patients in the Healthcare Sector165566
30.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia580Insect Repelling Clothing for Children165323
23.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia919Bioelectrochemical sensor for hydrocarbons detection in coastal areas164881
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia539Textile Dye Mixing Technology164271
14.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia650Additive as crystal habit modifier for Sodium percarbonate crystallization164221
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia626Additives to Improve Combustion163130
22.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia721Power generation from low temperature combustion gases and fumes162512
08.10.2012Italy Italy632Cosmetics161474
25.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia613Vaginal Brushes160676
13.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia857Seeking technology for alerting when the efficiency of sunscreen applied on skin.....159936
12.09.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic601Preparations for hard-on support159916
10.09.2012Canada Canada660Prilled Urea N 46%159629
10.09.2012Poland Poland670Authentic Revlon Cosmetics159624
07.09.2012China China5552, 4-dinitrochlorobenzene159522
07.09.2012China China680Sulphur159521
07.09.2012United States United States517Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides159456
06.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia796Selective removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from exhaust gas st.....159318
27.08.2012China China549Spent Tungsten Catalyst158407
24.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia814New methods for prediction, prevention and treatment of fibrotic effects caused .....158234
22.08.2012China China619Hydrobromic Acid158055
22.08.2012China China691Sulfur158053
21.08.2012Germany Germany546Nail Manicure (Sticker)157978
21.08.2012China China641Industrial Salt157974
21.08.2012China China711Coconut Shell Charcoal157972
10.08.2012Great Britain Great Britain579Pure Essential Oils157104
10.08.2012Great Britain Great Britain685Mango Butter157103
08.08.2012Pakistan Pakistan570Silicon Tetrachloride156843
07.08.2012China China664Pteroleum Coke156796
27.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia779Early Diagnosis of neuromuscular inherited metabolic rare diseases155872
25.07.2012Australia Australia592Potassium Nitrate155665
25.07.2012Australia Australia543Calcium Nitrate155664