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Education and training

Enquiries in industry : Education and training. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 26 Enquiries

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29.08.2016Germany Germany51Promotional puzzles275041
19.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic260Print puzzles and memory game218584
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic197Books and publications215968
16.05.2014Ireland Ireland243Foto book209612
16.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic200Printed books209611
22.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia725Transmitting and benefiting from cultural heritage in Europe168883
07.07.2009Poland Poland700Board games with paper 96385
28.04.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1651Courses78444
25.04.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1496Training program78406
23.11.2007Lithuania Lithuania1806Games73437
04.07.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic2510Dice68931
14.09.2006Italy Italy2158Puzzle61547
25.07.2006Denmark Denmark2421Electric Toy Motorcycle60493
04.04.2006Sweden Sweden1968Games printing55028
03.02.2006Germany Germany2218Games51379
03.01.2006Great Britain Great Britain2060Games and toys49941
08.12.2005Great Britain Great Britain1951Backgammon48618
01.11.2005Great Britain Great Britain1976Rubik's cubes46566
24.08.2005China China1947Puzzles42767
03.08.2005China China1952PUZZLES,Toys41760
24.06.2005Canada Canada1939Playing Cards39796
14.06.2005China China1934PUZZLES,Toys39255
08.06.2005China China1921Puzzles38907
07.06.2005China China2409Mini Kite38870
20.04.2005United States United States2916Paper games35999
21.04.2004Australia Australia1906Educational toys16510