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Electricity, electronics and nuclear

Enquiries in industry : Electricity, electronics and nuclear. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 342 Enquiries

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26.11.2015India India140Hair clippers253306
18.11.2014Pakistan Pakistan185Electric heating elements226179
28.08.2014Hungary Hungary212Kettles219430
11.07.2014Hungary Hungary216Kettles214929
03.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic227Resistance wires211290
21.05.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh191Fuel for nuclear power plants210041
19.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic191Electrical sheets209789
29.04.2014Cameroon Cameroon212Electric Hair Clippers208083
30.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia799Improving Renewable Energy Resources Efficiency169500
09.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia795Cable Spooler167880
09.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia747Production of Conductive Fibers167817
02.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia339Heterogeneous INTegration of Electronics and SEnsors into a conformable robotic .....167225
27.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia400Tailored Services for Integrated Care using ICT (ICT-Care)165072
20.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia305Self-transformer164658
08.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia297Digital Displays163811
24.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia297Technology and components for production of panels for membrane switches162734
22.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia303Power generation from low temperature combustion gases and fumes162512
18.10.2012Hungary Hungary422Contactors, Thyristors162286
17.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia277Systems that allows to take/collect enough energy from the home environment and .....160204
14.09.2012Germany Germany301Hand Dryer160130
13.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia408Development of Simultaneous Three Axis Turning159937
10.09.2012China China285Electric Kettles159652
04.09.2012Russia Russia303LED Power Supplies159203
04.09.2012United States United States237LED Display Module Cabinet159195
03.09.2012Nigeria Nigeria278Generator159023
03.09.2012Taiwan Taiwan267Used 100-600 kva Diesel Generator159022
03.09.2012Kuwait Kuwait257FG Wilson Generator158945
31.08.2012China China250Ion Generator DI-8158916
30.08.2012United States United States281Switching Power Supply158754
22.08.2012India India257Battery Scrap158069
10.08.2012Bulgaria Bulgaria253Copper Cathode157133
07.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia286Storage system for electrical energy generated by solar cells156780
06.08.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic390Air Line Fuseboard (excessive Stocks)156737
03.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia325Giant Touchscreen or Touch-surface Technologies156566
02.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia317Active flow, load and noise control technologies for the next generation of acti.....156406
01.08.2012Italy Italy268Power Regulators156309
01.08.2012China China247Lighting (House and Industrial)156285
30.07.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic289Electric Motors (new and used)156055
16.07.2012Nepal Nepal261Electrical Equipments154809
13.07.2012Great Britain Great Britain356Inverters and Converters154687