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Groundnut oil.

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25.07.2012ChinaChina483Crude Peanut Oil155670
20.06.2012ChinaChina484Cashew Shell Oil153409
28.05.2012ChinaChina530Turkish olive oil152251
15.05.2012ChinaChina484Peanut Oil151659
19.08.2009SlovakiaSlovakia276Raw rapeseed oil
14.08.2006TurkeyTurkey713Palm Oil60998
26.07.2006ArmeniaArmenia661Palm Oil60524
13.06.2006MakedoniaMakedonia632Palm Oil58974
26.05.2006RomaniaRomania683Palm Oil58041
24.05.2006TurkeyTurkey552Palm Oil57935
24.05.2006RomaniaRomania639Palm Oil57911
23.05.2006IrelandIreland537Crude Vegetable Oil, Rape Oil Palm Oil, Used Cooking Oil57880
11.05.2006RussiaRussia506Palm Oil Shortening57084
14.04.2006Great BritainGreat Britain550White Sugar, Palm Oil55578
31.03.2006Great BritainGreat Britain535White Sugar 54704
16.03.2006SwissSwiss793Flour 53779
02.03.2006SwissSwiss829Flour 53052
14.02.2006UkraineUkraine619Palm Oil52084