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06.09.2016Australia Australia475Syringes275761
02.09.2016United States United States454Breast pumps275506
29.07.2016Germany Germany382Cosmetic devices272461
18.07.2016United States United States532Breast pumps271564
08.12.2014Pakistan Pakistan507Surgical gloves227793
14.07.2014India India525Aspiration coronary catheters214966
14.07.2014India India480Metal cardiac implants214962
08.07.2014Slovakia Slovakia556Plastic dropper214591
02.06.2014Turkey Turkey623Scalpels211173
12.05.2014Nigeria Nigeria470Natural latex condoms209089
06.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia665Piedogs Trapping165855
27.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia735Tailored Services for Integrated Care using ICT (ICT-Care)165072
09.07.2012Syrian Arab Re... Syrian Arab Re...845Condoms154215
28.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia702Toothbrush CURAPROX CS 5460 Ultra Soft152243
22.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia653Veterinary Medicines151966
15.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia591Expert Opinion Processing of Psycho-social Risks in the Workplace151638
09.06.2009Ghana Ghana995Condoms and Medical Disposables94455
05.02.2009Russia Russia1238Medical gloves88009
22.01.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic1137Wooden medical spatula87429
09.09.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1433Physiotherapy assistant82787
11.03.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1619Cannulas76820
30.01.2008Israel Israel2998Tools for seniors75266
30.11.2007Kenya Kenya1477Insemination and veterinary equipments73636
18.11.2007Slovakia Slovakia4888Position bed for handicap people, position chair for handicap people73198
02.10.2007Slovakia Slovakia1315Needle with rough syringe for sprinkling the meat71594
24.07.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic2942Cemetery memorials and accessories69376
18.07.2007Slovakia Slovakia2166Funeral and coffin furnishings 69127
19.06.2007Germany Germany2130Wir sind am kauf von ca 80 000 Glasspritzen, 20ml und 10ml68553
06.06.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic2974Dinners - catering68123
24.04.2007Turkey Turkey2002Hypodermic needle for veterinary use66958
23.03.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic3040Cryotherapy equipment65696
20.03.2007Slovakia Slovakia2365Coffin65629
06.02.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic3069Wheelchairs 64339
03.01.2007Germany Germany2428Suche g√ľnstigen Sarghersteller63471
14.11.2006Korea Korea1880Ortopedic products62655
13.11.2006Czech Republic Czech Republic1534Wheelchains 62566
04.10.2006Israel Israel1984Wheelchair61790
20.09.2006Austria Austria1191Wood Coffins61641
11.09.2006Ireland Ireland1374Caskets61474
29.05.2006Czech Republic Czech Republic1231Coffins, ossuaries58192