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Information technology, office machinery and equipment

Enquiries in industry : Information technology, office machinery and equipment. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 302 Enquiries

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26.11.2015India India534USB Flash Drive253312
10.03.2015Nigeria Nigeria619DDR Memory Modules234821
29.08.2014Hungary Hungary873Writing219513
25.08.2014United States United States702Computer systems219081
05.08.2014United States United States674Computer systems217260
08.07.2014Hungary Hungary740Keyboard and computer mouse214586
30.06.2014Great Britain Great Britain655Motherboards213764
25.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic623Keyboard and computer mouse213387
30.04.2014United States United States532Computer systems208100
25.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia3197360’ Pathview Camera System with Software for Visualisation and Digital Mappin.....169159
23.01.2013Czech Republic Czech Republic1375Office supplies (Pardubice Region)168993
09.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1571Improvement of an e-learning innovative platformy167868
02.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia775Heterogeneous INTegration of Electronics and SEnsors into a conformable robotic .....167225
13.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia719Automatic line for Sorting Plastic Boxes166267
13.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia745Line for Sorting Europalets166261
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia782Automation of manufacturing process of paper-based DVD/CD-holder164283
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia693Productisation of a knowledge-based consultancy service164272
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia729Exploration Modelling and Perceiving Robotics for Inventory Control163124
15.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia882Smart Assistance Platform for Elderly161985
11.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia769A food grade shredder for a material that looks like thick paper161759
27.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia572Toners, Ink Cartridges and Tapes for Reprographic Apparatus, Printers and Faxes160758
18.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia842Intelligent welding clamp design software using computer-aided optimization for .....160333
17.09.2012Uganda Uganda636Laptop Computers160247
14.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia552Usability Measurement Partners for Automotive User Interface160079
06.09.2012Denmark Denmark619Desktop, Motherboard Scrap159363
30.08.2012Australia Australia578Mac, PC and Laptop Parts158777
24.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia751Intelligent Vibration Monitoring of Rotating Machine Parts158252
24.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia593Semantic Healthcare Interoperability Platform158246
08.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia561Development of a system for estimation of external cost of freight transport by .....156879
07.08.2012United States United States721Storage156773
07.08.2012United States United States654Scanners156768
07.08.2012United States United States536Copiers156767
02.08.2012Turkey Turkey691Medical Equipment156449
02.08.2012Uzbekistan Uzbekistan697LED Writing Board156417
01.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia609IT Governance and Risk Information Dashboard156284
27.07.2012Chile Chile597Toner and Ink Cartridges155912
17.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia582CAD Technology for Mobile Devices154918
16.07.2012Italy Italy584HP and CANON epmty (virgin) Cartridge154752
13.07.2012Poland Poland420Laptop Keyboards154720
12.07.2012Kenya Kenya585Computers154529