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Leisure and entertainment

Enquiries in industry : Leisure and entertainment. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 305 Enquiries

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22.09.2016France France36Used helmets for martial arts277042
19.09.2016Brasil Brasil18Electric airsoft guns276713
29.08.2016Germany Germany28Promotional puzzles275041
24.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic29Music instruments274640
04.08.2016United States United States27Gaming console272869
03.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain25Swimming training facility272708
01.08.2016United States United States28Electric skateboards272554
28.07.2016Germany Germany38Skate272370
10.05.2016Denmark Denmark52Toys265852
15.02.2016Serbia Serbia101Toys258600
29.05.2015Turkey Turkey124Axles for golf carts241119
09.03.2015United States United States138Electric guitars234696
09.03.2015United States United States132Electric basses234684
09.03.2015United States United States137Acoustic guitars234676
08.10.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic172Toys223048
28.08.2014Hungary Hungary156Toys and games219409
19.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic220Print puzzles and memory game218584
30.07.2014United States United States166Electric guitars216643
30.07.2014United States United States170Electric basses216640
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss138Mobile and computer games215819
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss157Console games215816
21.07.2014Swiss Swiss150Gaming consoles215809
11.07.2014Nigeria Nigeria155Fishing hooks214944
11.07.2014Nigeria Nigeria151Fishing reels214942
11.07.2014Nigeria Nigeria152Fishing line214940
11.07.2014Nigeria Nigeria159Fishing rods214938
11.07.2014Nigeria Nigeria154Fishing lures214919
08.07.2014Cameroon Cameroon134Electronic toys for kids214625
07.07.2014Hungary Hungary151Football goals214461
07.07.2014Germany Germany152Toys for children214456
20.06.2014Germany Germany149Glass bells213036
11.06.2014Swiss Swiss156PC games212074
11.06.2014Swiss Swiss165Console games212070
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic162Inflatable water toys211962
09.06.2014Germany Germany163Protective covers for skate blade211815
06.06.2014United States United States177Wooden toys thrust211709
06.06.2014United States United States170Wooden kits211695
06.06.2014United States United States164Wooden riding toys211691
03.06.2014New Zealand New Zealand182Golf bags211285
03.06.2014New Zealand New Zealand189Golf balls211281