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Enquiries in industry : Machinery. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1722 Enquiries

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29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic94Bearings281506
20.12.2016Hungary Hungary21Metal transport containers281191
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal70Machines for coffee processing277575
29.09.2016Portugal Portugal35Machines for processing rice277545
21.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic41Wood pallets276909
19.09.2016Netherlands Netherlands16Styrenics - Netherlands276677
13.09.2016Germany Germany18The equipment for sewage treatment276287
13.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic26Pallets CP276282
07.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic43Tapes from nonvulcanite ruber275863
07.09.2016Pakistan Pakistan39Bulletproof vests275858
30.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic44Farm Tractor275174
29.08.2016Turkey Turkey20EURO pallets275037
24.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic45EURO pallets274627
18.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic30Wood pallets274130
09.08.2016Poland Poland30Equipment for mixing feed273286
09.08.2016Poland Poland42Corn mills273277
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic48Mechanical gearboxes273164
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic58Bearings273146
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic58Pumps273143
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic43EPAL pallets273135
08.08.2016India India42Used conveyors273133
03.08.2016Turkey Turkey28Wooden spools272729
03.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic35Thread-cutting272727
02.08.2016Turkey Turkey28Turning tools for metals272682
02.08.2016Turkey Turkey29Milling machines for metals272667
02.08.2016Turkey Turkey27Cutting tools for wood272661
29.07.2016Germany Germany37A shock absorber272437
22.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic26Wood pellets271952
19.07.2016Poland Poland34Welding equipment271631
19.07.2016United States United States55Coffee Powder High Speed Packing Machine271627
18.07.2016Australia Australia40Dust seal271524
15.07.2016Poland Poland29Pneumatic tools271427
13.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic33EURO pallets271181
30.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain74Bearings270351
29.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic63Tapered roller bearing270249
22.06.2016Italy Italy78Bearings269030
16.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic64Pumps268869
15.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic62Bearings268832
08.06.2016Portugal Portugal73Equipment for disposal of solid waste268551
07.06.2016Uzbekistan Uzbekistan72Packing machine268350