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Metal roof-covering work.

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29.12.2016Czech RepublicCzech Republic1379New roof281503
13.08.2014Czech RepublicCzech Republic379Implementation of a new roof218014
15.09.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic757Roof repairing83008
02.09.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic890Tin roof82537
14.08.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic1111Building-locskmith81880
14.08.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic797Sheetmetal work 81874
17.06.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic843Roofing work80136
18.03.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic1025Roofing 77115
03.01.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic1458Roofing74245
23.10.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1036Roof repairing72334
02.10.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1155Roofing work71580
05.09.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1343Roofing70903
27.04.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1902Roof67050