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Mineral products, glass and ceramics

Enquiries in industry : Mineral products, glass and ceramics. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 413 Enquiries

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16.12.2016Hungary Hungary73Plastic doors281065
03.10.2016United States United States142Glass bottles277760
29.09.2016Slovakia Slovakia72Crystal chandeliers277544
26.09.2016Germany Germany54Glass bottles277254
14.09.2016United States United States61Carbide composite rods276361
14.09.2016United States United States58Carbide inserts276343
08.09.2016United States United States77Baby bottles276011
26.08.2016United States United States62Building boards MGO274889
16.08.2016Korea Korea66Graphite powder273863
08.08.2016United States United States83Optical fibers273169
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia89Concrete curbs272460
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia81Concrete fences272442
29.07.2016Slovakia Slovakia69Paving272436
18.07.2016United States United States148Breast pumps271564
15.07.2016Spain Spain90Optics fiber271433
18.05.2016Great Britain Great Britain101Glass dinner plates266649
07.01.2015Slovakia Slovakia254Entrance doors229653
07.01.2015Slovakia Slovakia231Interior doors229641
05.01.2015Israel Israel180Glassware229489
05.01.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic175White ceramics229486
09.12.2014Swiss Swiss216Borosilicate glass sheet227897
29.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic240Waterjet cutting219512
25.08.2014Slovakia Slovakia171Mirrors in the dance room219070
21.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic182Clear glass bottles218774
16.06.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong193Glass bottles212529
12.06.2014Lithuania Lithuania227Tinted glass212201
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic205Safety mirrors211999
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic211Glass rods211979
04.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic190Waterjet cutting211409
02.06.2014Italy Italy166Bottles for alcoholic drinks211155
02.06.2014Italy Italy172Glass containers for tomato paste211152
22.05.2014Italy Italy164Glass containers210206
20.05.2014Slovakia Slovakia186Glass cups209933
16.05.2014Greece Greece150Glass beverage bottles209634
13.05.2014Italy Italy174Laminated spruce209241
12.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia304Glass Bottle for Liquid Chilli164073
21.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia356Sustainable and green construction materials157898
10.08.2012Great Britain Great Britain373Amber Glass Jars157105
08.08.2012Australia Australia310Glass Jars156876
03.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia325Giant Touchscreen or Touch-surface Technologies156566