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Mineral products, glass and ceramics

Enquiries in industry : Mineral products, glass and ceramics. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 394 Enquiries

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16.12.2016Hungary Hungary553Plastic doors281065
03.10.2016United States United States558Glass bottles277760
29.09.2016Slovakia Slovakia452Crystal chandeliers277544
26.09.2016Germany Germany445Glass bottles277254
07.01.2015Slovakia Slovakia896Entrance doors229653
07.01.2015Slovakia Slovakia633Interior doors229641
05.01.2015Israel Israel565Glassware229489
05.01.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic588White ceramics229486
09.12.2014Swiss Swiss581Borosilicate glass sheet227897
29.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic631Waterjet cutting219512
25.08.2014Slovakia Slovakia520Mirrors in the dance room219070
21.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic522Clear glass bottles218774
16.06.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong596Glass bottles212529
12.06.2014Lithuania Lithuania605Tinted glass212201
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic552Safety mirrors211999
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic591Glass rods211979
04.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic554Waterjet cutting211409
02.06.2014Italy Italy495Bottles for alcoholic drinks211155
02.06.2014Italy Italy550Glass containers for tomato paste211152
20.05.2014Slovakia Slovakia690Glass cups209933
13.05.2014Italy Italy559Laminated spruce209241
12.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia786Glass Bottle for Liquid Chilli164073
21.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia771Sustainable and green construction materials157898
10.08.2012Great Britain Great Britain835Amber Glass Jars157105
08.08.2012Australia Australia713Glass Jars156876
03.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia754Giant Touchscreen or Touch-surface Technologies156566
01.08.2012China China681Zirconia Bricks156402
06.07.2012Great Britain Great Britain625Mugs154107
04.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia644Turned Wooden Post154025
22.06.2012Ukraine Ukraine690LED lamps153522
22.06.2012India India665Cosmetic Cream Jars153513
20.06.2012Pakistan Pakistan752Industrial Maachines153404
20.06.2012Spain Spain676Shower Tray153379
19.06.2012Malta Malta658Sanitary Ware153333
19.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia666Grinding and Buffing Pastes for Opal153304
08.06.2012Iran Iran621Stylish Sanitary Bathroom Accessories152850
08.06.2012Iran Iran635Wall and Floor Tiles152848
08.06.2012Great Britain Great Britain659Office Room Dividers152839
25.05.2012Pakistan Pakistan585Light Bulbs152159
24.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia819Innovative vacuum air pump for dessicator cabinets152113