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Mining and quarrying

Enquiries in industry : Mining and quarrying. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 406 Enquiries

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23.01.2017Italy Italy210Copper Ore282474
19.01.2017Venezuela Venezuela207Copper ores282344
10.01.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria227Lead ores281937
10.01.2017Bulgaria Bulgaria205Copper ores281922
27.09.2016United States United States76Bauxite - USA277365
06.09.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria136Lead ores275743
05.09.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria118Zinc ore275643
03.08.2016United States United States112Manganese ores272711
03.08.2016United States United States103Nickel Ore272698
02.08.2016United States United States77Copper Ore272685
30.06.2016Netherlands Netherlands146Lead ore270348
29.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria112Zinc ore270238
28.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria108Copper ore270173
28.06.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria152Lead ore270161
29.04.2016Uganda Uganda167Copper ores264916
28.04.2016Taiwan Taiwan120Mnaganese Ore264742
06.04.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong168Copper ores262877
01.04.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong162Lead Ores262622
01.04.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong150Zinc ores262616
11.03.2016United States United States196Lead ores261065
02.03.2016United States United States162Zinc ores260113
01.03.2016United States United States148Copper ores260060
01.03.2016United States United States161Manganese Ore260048
23.02.2016United States United States156Chrome Ore259414
22.02.2016United States United States175Lead ores259259
25.01.2016United States United States188Copper ores256716
22.01.2016Great Britain Great Britain200Marble256608
21.01.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong176Antimony Ore256499
15.01.2016Korea Korea164Lead ores256007
07.01.2016Hong Kong Hong Kong160Zinc ores255487
04.01.2016Bangladesh Bangladesh194Crushed stone255280
04.01.2016Great Britain Great Britain199Copper ores255260
18.12.2015United States United States177Copper ores254815
18.12.2015Uganda Uganda192Lead Ores254781
10.12.2015Italy Italy197Irone Ore254220
10.12.2015Italy Italy168Copper Ore254190
27.11.2015Hong Kong Hong Kong203Copper ores253383
23.11.2015Great Britain Great Britain152Chrome ores253006
18.11.2015Taiwan Taiwan172Copper Ore252792
18.11.2015Taiwan Taiwan165Nickel Ore252784