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Oil and gas

Enquiries in industry : Oil and gas. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 78 Enquiries

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16.12.2016Netherlands Netherlands114Methanol - Netherlands281070
13.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia85Liquefied natural gas - LNG276285
13.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia95Kerosene - Slovenia276277
12.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia85Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG276212
07.09.2016United States United States104Surov√° ropa275896
23.08.2016Spain Spain137Aviation fuel274511
12.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia124Kerosene - Slovenia273623
12.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia87Liquefied natural gas - LNG273617
11.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia113Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG273519
10.08.2016Swiss Swiss112Petroleum coke273379
08.08.2016United States United States103Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG273142
07.08.2016United States United States113Petroleum gas273049
27.07.2016Korea Korea107Petroleum Coke272250
05.04.2016Indonesia Indonesia144Liquefied natural gas262810
13.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...133Liquefied Natural Gas255841
04.12.2015Great Britain Great Britain240Crude oil253828
02.07.2015Hong Kong Hong Kong251Petroleum Coke243821
30.04.2015Australia Australia269Petroleum coke238939
17.04.2015Australia Australia220Petroleum coke237886
02.03.2015United States United States317Crude oil234057
02.03.2015United States United States187Liquefied petroleum gas234053
02.03.2015United States United States182Liquefied natural gas234049
02.02.2015India India184Liquefied natural gas231717
14.01.2015Pakistan Pakistan265Crude oil230194
18.11.2014Russia Russia298Crude oil226192
20.10.2014Mexico Mexico316LNG224072
26.08.2014India India178Liquid natural gas219190
19.08.2014India India224High sulphur petroleum coke218585
08.08.2014Pakistan Pakistan181Liquefied natural gas (LNG)217575
01.08.2014Singapore Singapore180Liquid Natural Gas216933
07.07.2014United States United States175Liquefied natural gas (LNG)214473
30.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic345Diesel213762
19.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic257Hydraulic oil212901
18.06.2014India India186Light crude oil212759
27.05.2014India India168Bitumen emulsion210679
14.05.2014Slovakia Slovakia178Crude oil209380
28.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic115Reamers and countersinks207954
06.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia380Selective removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from exhaust gas st.....159318
21.06.2012Italy Italy320Gold Mining Companies153455
24.05.2012India India262Bitumen152112