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Oil and gas

Enquiries in industry : Oil and gas. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 57 Enquiries

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16.12.2016Netherlands Netherlands265Methanol - Netherlands281070
07.09.2016United States United States239Surov√° ropa275896
05.04.2016Indonesia Indonesia275Liquefied natural gas262810
13.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...280Liquefied Natural Gas255841
04.12.2015Great Britain Great Britain389Crude oil253828
02.03.2015United States United States479Crude oil234057
02.03.2015United States United States323Liquefied petroleum gas234053
02.03.2015United States United States317Liquefied natural gas234049
02.02.2015India India311Liquefied natural gas231717
14.01.2015Pakistan Pakistan399Crude oil230194
18.11.2014Russia Russia431Crude oil226192
20.10.2014Mexico Mexico501LNG224072
26.08.2014India India309Liquid natural gas219190
08.08.2014Pakistan Pakistan315Liquefied natural gas (LNG)217575
27.05.2014India India347Bitumen emulsion210679
28.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic239Reamers and countersinks207954
06.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia509Selective removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from exhaust gas st.....159318
21.06.2012Italy Italy438Gold Mining Companies153455
24.05.2012India India436Bitumen152112
22.05.2012Iran Iran376Bitumen151995
09.06.2010Slovakia Slovakia560Photovoltaic power station113646
04.02.2009Slovakia Slovakia1082Oil drilling kits87974
16.12.2008Slovakia Slovakia1246Callow oil86390
11.12.2008Slovakia Slovakia1027Gas piping trans-shipping86287
10.12.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1350Minerals hydraulic oil VG10 class or VG1586249
10.10.2008Slovakia Slovakia1092Technologies for crude oil and gas production83953
10.09.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1251Natural gas82882
01.09.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1095Land gas82487
29.05.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1181Mining company79513
19.05.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1047Beam pump79078
06.03.2008Libya Libya1267Invitation To Tender for supply and install Three water desalination units 27 Ma.....76687
25.02.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1620CNG76278
05.02.2008Russia Russia1197Continuous miners75468
04.10.2007Slovakia Slovakia1823Montage de la tuyauterie inox71732
29.08.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic1936Earthy gas70738
08.08.2007Czech Republic Czech Republic1903Heat oil69978
07.03.2007Ecuador Ecuador2027Derrick equipment65204
27.02.2007Ukraine Ukraine2550LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)64977
20.02.2007Greece Greece2292LPG-Urgently64756
13.02.2007Belgium Belgium2494LPG64534