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Oil and gas

Enquiries in industry : Oil and gas. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 97 Enquiries

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20.12.2016Great Britain Great Britain21Petroleum products281181
16.12.2016Netherlands Netherlands25Methanol - Netherlands281070
30.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia84Bitumen - Slovenia277615
13.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia21Propellants - petrol276297
13.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia19Liquefied natural gas - LNG276285
13.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia24Kerosene - Slovenia276277
12.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia22Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG276212
12.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia28Fuels - diesel276194
07.09.2016United States United States44Surov√° ropa275896
05.09.2016Slovenia Slovenia43Dry bitumen275641
23.08.2016Spain Spain52Aviation fuel274511
17.08.2016United States United States35Coal - USA274010
15.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia29Propellants - petrol273726
12.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia43Kerosene - Slovenia273623
12.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia36Liquefied natural gas - LNG273617
12.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia32Fuels - diesel273604
11.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia36Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG273519
11.08.2016Cypros Cypros31Bitumen - Cyprus273501
10.08.2016Swiss Swiss34Petroleum coke273379
09.08.2016Slovenia Slovenia32Dry bitumen273295
08.08.2016United States United States37Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG273142
07.08.2016United States United States45Petroleum gas273049
28.07.2016Germany Germany32Hard wood charcoal272364
27.07.2016Korea Korea30Petroleum Coke272250
18.07.2016Great Britain Great Britain48Liquefied Petroleum Gas271548
05.04.2016Indonesia Indonesia61Liquefied natural gas262810
23.02.2016France France102Paraffin Wax259404
16.02.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...71Mazut M100258704
13.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...72Liquefied Natural Gas255841
04.12.2015Great Britain Great Britain146Crude oil253828
02.07.2015Hong Kong Hong Kong163Petroleum Coke243821
24.06.2015India India182LPG243177
10.06.2015India India122Liquefied natural gas242084
30.04.2015Australia Australia193Petroleum coke238939
17.04.2015Australia Australia143Petroleum coke237886
02.03.2015United States United States201Crude oil234057
02.03.2015United States United States125Liquefied petroleum gas234053
02.03.2015United States United States120Liquefied natural gas234049
02.02.2015India India135Liquefied natural gas231717
14.01.2015Pakistan Pakistan171Crude oil230194