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20.12.2016Hungary Hungary996Metal transport containers281191
26.09.2016United States United States285Paper packaging for the food industry277242
21.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic427Wood pallets276909
08.09.2016United States United States318Baby bottles276011
29.08.2016Turkey Turkey334EURO pallets275037
18.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic391Wood pallets274130
15.08.2016Belgium Belgium275Diamonds - Belgium273735
11.08.2016Cypros Cypros310Lighters - Cyprus273513
11.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic321Cardboard boxes273490
11.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic315Cardboard boxes with lids273484
04.08.2016Portugal Portugal284Rough diamonds272824
19.07.2016United States United States425Coffee Powder High Speed Packing Machine271627
07.06.2016Uzbekistan Uzbekistan454Packing machine268350
06.06.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic356EURO pallets268311
03.06.2016Germany Germany409Paper bags268149
26.05.2016Great Britain Great Britain348Pressure vessel for compressed air267438
25.05.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic388Stainless steel tanks267263
19.01.2016India India368Mens jewelery256266
19.01.2016India India364Jewelry for women256258
22.12.2015Togo Togo456Juice Packing Machine255008
06.10.2015Germany Germany499Metal silos and tanks250194
17.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic421Wood pallets235466
03.03.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic445Plastic pallets234177
14.01.2015United States United States506Jewelry230170
14.01.2015United States United States481Gemstones230164
05.01.2015Cameroon Cameroon385Rough diamonds229523
16.10.2014Hungary Hungary367Wooden pallets 223760
13.10.2014Slovakia Slovakia400Plastic PET bottles223379
07.10.2014Slovakia Slovakia398PET bottles of 1.5 liters222832
29.09.2014United States United States467Biodegradable rice packing bags222279
12.09.2014Korea Korea376Plastic PET bottles220740
11.09.2014India India328Incense sticks220715
22.08.2014Great Britain Great Britain485Wooden gifts218910
12.08.2014Belgium Belgium320Food paper bags217915
12.08.2014Belgium Belgium249Paper trays for food217908
05.08.2014Slovakia Slovakia346Disposable pallets217235
01.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic411Boxes candle216908
24.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic278Manufacture of pressure vessels216212
22.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic472Balloons215950
18.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic129Wooden pallets EUR215598