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Paper and cardboard - Printing and publishing

Enquiries in industry : Paper and cardboard - Printing and publishing. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 535 Enquiries

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18.05.2015India India211Used printers240200
23.02.2015Spain Spain246Used printers233415
11.11.2014Etiopia Etiopia253Copy paper in rolls225775
05.08.2014United States United States222Used printers217255
24.07.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic231Offset printing machine216209
20.06.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh200Screen printing213041
29.05.2014Bangladesh Bangladesh168Papermachines210887
29.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic154Paper converting machines208061
14.01.2013Italy Italy799Printing168123
11.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia808Poster168086
09.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia941Improvement of an e-learning innovative platformy167868
03.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia321Visiting-Card Paper165525
27.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia431Printed Advertising Carry Bags 165088
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia363Automation of manufacturing process of paper-based DVD/CD-holder164283
05.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia274Single Nappies163571
25.10.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic310Vertical Mill162842
07.09.2012Turkey Turkey294Sublimation Paper159516
07.09.2012India India287Printing Rubber Blanket159454
30.08.2012Pakistan Pakistan300Buy 4-6 Colors Printing Machine for Tube158746
24.08.2012South Africa South Africa304A4 Colour Copy Paper158254
09.08.2012Turkey Turkey319Sublimation Paper156957
08.08.2012United States United States346Paper Scrap156841
30.07.2012Pakistan Pakistan358Dark Colour Cards with and withou Embossed155969
19.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia376Resinous Labels155126
13.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia265Paper154721
11.07.2012United States United States595Small Paperboard Box154435
09.07.2012Korea Korea328Diaper154229
09.07.2012United States United States327Waste Paper154219
04.07.2012India India326Used Offset Printing & Allied Machines154020
03.07.2012United Arab Em... United Arab Em...359Paper153981
29.06.2012United States United States333Paper Tube for Product Packaging153865
27.06.2012China China306Old Newspapers153728
26.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia338Party Game Printing153699
22.06.2012China China260Four-color Printing Press153524
11.06.2012Canada Canada270All Purpose Office Paper A4152924
08.06.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic302Leaflet Printing152864
08.06.2012Iran Iran286Wall Papers152849
05.06.2012Vietnam Vietnam280White Triplex + PE152612
29.05.2012India India257Xerox Paper152305
29.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia261Paper products152290