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Precision and optical equipment. Measuring and testing

Enquiries in industry : Precision and optical equipment. Measuring and testing. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 437 Enquiries

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29.12.2016Poland Poland1012Meters Maddalena281504
09.08.2016United States United States314Thermostats - USA273280
04.08.2016United States United States365Digital cameras272836
08.06.2016Slovakia Slovakia401Night Vision Binoculars268531
18.01.2016India India444Sunglasses256150
04.12.2015Great Britain Great Britain383Projection screens in theaters253810
26.11.2015India India516Electronic Kitchen Scale253297
23.02.2015India India470Watches233412
23.02.2015India India492Sunglasses233408
18.08.2014Zimbabwe Zimbabwe575Camera systems218453
24.06.2014Great Britain Great Britain471Thermostats213286
09.06.2014Finland Finland508Branded watches for women211810
09.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic553Drawing-board211809
09.06.2014Finland Finland465Branded watches for men211807
04.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic493Thermostats for boilers211437
28.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic447Water meters210759
27.05.2014India India480Infrared thermometer210683
14.05.2014Togo Togo484Wrist watches209369
06.05.2014Slovakia Slovakia597Cameras208681
28.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic600Analytical test strips for the determination of ammonia207948
25.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia2887360’ Pathview Camera System with Software for Visualisation and Digital Mappin.....169159
23.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1303Engineering and material design applied to yacht sector for the development of a.....168936
12.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia597U-Manometer166245
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia608Mosquito lifelong monitoring of movements and activities164268
02.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia618Quantum cascade laser and/or Raman spectroscopy to replace process gas chromatog.....163432
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia640Ultrasonic Automatic Machine for the Production of Drawing Dies163128
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia2151Innovative method for measuring of human body’s fat percentage163125
26.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia663Simultaneous measurement of Near InfraRed radiation and exhaust products162932
24.10.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic734Laser162736
23.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia556Innovative solution to engrave identification codes into metal parts using the c.....162580
22.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia676Spectacle Frames162553
17.10.2012Portugal Portugal748DVOR Counterpoise162182
17.09.2012China China744Life Locator160238
11.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia721Measurement Technology of Residual Chlorine in Tap Water159746
06.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia588New Imaging Modality for Bone and Cartilage159349
03.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia650Infrared Optical Components158956
31.08.2012India India606Radiology products158847
24.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia678New methods for prediction, prevention and treatment of fibrotic effects caused .....158234
23.08.2012China China437Machinery to Manufacture Measuring Tapes158098
20.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia599Pupil monitoring solution avoiding eye drying during surgery157849