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Repair and maintenance

Enquiries in industry : Repair and maintenance. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 120 Enquiries

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04.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic490Air fresheners for cars217108
31.07.2014Hong Kong Hong Kong511Car freshener216812
25.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic460Automotive paints213395
05.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic561Mops211558
20.05.2014Germany Germany466Detergents for automobiles209942
20.05.2014Germany Germany466Assembly tools for tires209936
02.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic523Microfiber mops208373
14.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1360Fitters168161
09.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1425Improvement of an e-learning innovative platformy167868
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia2151Innovative method for measuring of human body’s fat percentage163125
26.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia663Simultaneous measurement of Near InfraRed radiation and exhaust products162932
01.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia567Model Line for Chemical processing of Mineral Resources160820
18.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia708Intelligent welding clamp design software using computer-aided optimization for .....160333
26.07.2012China China682Colour Masterbatch155722
23.07.2012Pakistan Pakistan624Compressor Scrap155395
02.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia607Urban Radio Repair and Maintainance153919
26.06.2012Italy Italy667Used Vegetable Cooking Oil Recycling, Oil Purification System153680
25.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia573Street Lighting153574
29.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia651Technologies Making Meters Smart152285
17.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia632Fireplug repair151754
16.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia606Upholstered Furniture Repairs151698
15.05.2012Singapore Singapore588Pneumatic Control Valve with Lever151644
14.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia607Line for Ethanol Production from Corn etc.151560
05.08.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic944Mold shell cylinder cold compression98150
29.04.2009Slovakia Slovakia1023Oil transfirmer92201
14.04.2009India India836Railway track laying machines91204
02.04.2009Slovakia Slovakia1153Heating and water work groups90670
19.03.2009Slovakia Slovakia943Heat measuring accuracy apparatuses89895
16.03.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic1354Storage tank89680
10.03.2009Slovakia Slovakia1286Gas boiler Chassoteaux Talia turbo89385
06.02.2009Slovakia Slovakia1164Repair and inspection of fire extinguishers88026
02.02.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic1178Nails products87785
27.01.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic1547Design and construction of the fireplace with teplovzdušným heating87620
26.01.2009Slovakia Slovakia1392Water treatment plant for family house, 6 persons87525
19.01.2009Slovakia Slovakia1349Water-gauges renewal87281
14.01.2009Slovakia Slovakia1158Electro-project for lorry Renault repair87127
12.01.2009Czech Republic Czech Republic1265Construction of sewage treatment plant / septic tank and soil filter87012
10.12.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1538Diesel aggregates - alternative source (service)86243
04.12.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic1148Motors86058
03.12.2008Czech Republic Czech Republic927Railway snow blower85997