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29.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia943Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments169413
24.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia955In-licensing agreement sought on immunogenic peptides suited for linkage with an.....169065
15.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia792Methodology and equipment for intensive deer growing168264
11.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia855Nano materials synthesis through interface control168007
03.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia362Composite structures resistant at dynamic loadings applied with high deformation.....167378
28.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia358Feasibility and Design of Multi-utility Services Channel166894
20.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia428Advanced nanostructured metallic alloys for implantology166748
20.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia481Multilayer material resistant at dynamic loadings166746
17.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia404Production and characterization of red pigments produced by fungi of Monascus sp.....166477
14.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia357Research of electrostatic sterilization of liquids using finite element method166401
05.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia370Organisations with expertise in bacterial diseases sought165634
00.00.0000Slovakia Slovakia389Modelling and optimisation of low-temperature waste heat recovery for sustainabl.....165006
23.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia497Bioelectrochemical sensor for hydrocarbons detection in coastal areas164881
07.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia369Improving the nutrient composition of potatoes163722
30.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia439Research of electrostatic separation of particles using finite element method163127
25.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia397Tool manufacturing and/or tool tempering for injection moulding162828
25.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia400Shaping Techniques for Ceramic Powders162805
15.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia363Resource Efficiency in the production of fish, fruit and vegetables161986
15.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia464Smart Assistance Platform for Elderly161985
18.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia376Identification of biomarkers to improve new potato varieties selection processin.....160336
13.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia428Development of Simultaneous Three Axis Turning159937
13.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia369Seeking technology for alerting when the efficiency of sunscreen applied on skin.....159936
11.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia423Measurement Technology of Residual Chlorine in Tap Water159746
11.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia398Providing Responsive Onsite Manufacturing Solutions159724
06.09.2012Slovakia Slovakia380Selective removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from exhaust gas st.....159318
24.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia424New methods for prediction, prevention and treatment of fibrotic effects caused .....158234
06.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia387Commercial forensic laboratory that can provide reference measurements for chemi.....156701
03.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia377Novel Water- related Technologies and Methodologies156564
03.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia418Extraction of Phosphates from Manure and Waste Water156558
27.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia361Early Diagnosis of neuromuscular inherited metabolic rare diseases155872
25.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia393Energy efficient retrofitting and renewal of existing buildings for sustainable .....155609
17.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia434Use of Bioflavonoids as a Replacement for Copper in Pig Diets154928
19.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia400Fermentation Technology of Pristinamycin153293
15.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia412Test for the Detection of Proteolysis in Dairy Milk153189
07.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia367Resource-efficiency in the value chain of process industries by optical quality .....152776
24.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia382Innovative vacuum air pump for dessicator cabinets152113
22.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia322Mobile Phone Recycling Bins151968
16.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia328Concrete Pavement Surface Protection151700
14.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia346Digital processing of images of interference patterns at the output of a multimo.....151565
09.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia355Technology for Drying of Calcium-Magnesium-Nitrate to anhydrous form151339