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Enquiries in industry : Telecommunications. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 239 Enquiries

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29.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic27Transport services277540
26.09.2016Canada Canada25Cases for mobile phones277245
09.09.2016United States United States28 Headsets276083
30.08.2016Spain Spain38Representation on the market275198
09.08.2016United States United States22House video doorbell273289
04.08.2016United States United States27Mobile phones272833
03.08.2016Germany Germany27International courier delivery272723
20.07.2016Moldova Moldova32Video walls271768
25.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia37Communicator KM 8267260
29.04.2016United States United States72Mobile phones264918
18.04.2016Germany Germany47Mobile phones263878
25.01.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...110Mobile Phone Accessories256750
30.11.2015Egypt Egypt106The data copper cabling253481
16.02.2015Thailand Thailand136Wireless transmitter232870
12.01.2015Bangladesh Bangladesh572LED TV´s229986
25.08.2014United States United States179LCD monitors219084
31.07.2014Malaysia Malaysia199Digital video recorders216776
19.06.2014United States United States220LCD monitors212929
06.05.2014Slovakia Slovakia240Cameras208681
25.04.2014Slovakia Slovakia183Television207782
07.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia310Technology-Enhanced Learning (TELL-US)167600
18.10.2012Hungary Hungary351Contactors, Thyristors162286
17.10.2012Portugal Portugal375DVOR Counterpoise162182
04.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia342Installing a Sound System161217
17.09.2012China China360Life Locator160238
10.09.2012China China307Television159579
28.08.2012China China325Piezo Ceramic Discs / Sensors158513
06.08.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic338Air Line Fuseboard (excessive Stocks)156737
02.08.2012Kenya Kenya366PABX156404
31.07.2012Nigeria Nigeria302Satellite Receiver156161
26.07.2012Russia Russia313Spuer Long Range Cordless Telephone155758
13.07.2012Great Britain Great Britain307Inverters and Converters154687
26.06.2012United States United States292TV Parts and Accessories153674
25.06.2012United States United States302Consumer Electronics153604
14.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia325Clothehorse153134
14.06.2012China China267HTC Parts Like LCD, Housing, PCG etc.153110
12.06.2012United States United States33142 inches Touch Screen153015
04.06.2012Spain Spain269Mobile Accessories152587
01.06.2012China China263LED Splitter152457
29.05.2012Hong Kong Hong Kong257Mini Business Card152303