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Textile, clothing, leather, footwear. Travel goods

Enquiries in industry : Textile, clothing, leather, footwear. Travel goods. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 835 Enquiries

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19.04.2017Great Britain Great Britain0 286651
14.09.2016United States United States444Pillows - USA276333
07.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic592Tapes from nonvulcanite ruber275863
29.08.2016Swiss Swiss464Donkey skin275039
26.08.2016Spain Spain464Raw cotton274892
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic546Mechanical gearboxes273164
03.08.2016Turkey Turkey479Wooden spools272729
19.07.2016Canada Canada377Cow Hides271635
19.07.2016Canada Canada401Donkey Hides271629
18.07.2016Japan Japan413White cotton towels271539
14.07.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria408Natural wave271298
12.07.2016Canada Canada391Bath Towels271009
04.07.2016Germany Germany440Donkey Hides270696
09.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain526Carpets268632
13.05.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic426Raw feathers266204
30.10.2015India India603Socks251661
07.10.2015Togo Togo422Leather wallet250284
14.09.2015Portugal Portugal447Leather travel bags248775
04.05.2015India India409Leather wallets239121
13.04.2015Slovakia Slovakia457Umbrellas237532
16.03.2015Sweden Sweden365Baby Socks235222
24.02.2015India India374Wallets233596
05.01.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic411Socks (men and women)229490
29.09.2014Australia Australia457Donkey hides222285
11.09.2014Senegal Senegal295Salted cow hide220723
11.08.2014France France337Socks (men and women)217742
11.08.2014France France431Seamless textiles217739
07.08.2014Slovakia Slovakia517Laser cutting fabric217449
29.07.2014India India425Crochet machines216594
10.07.2014Cameroon Cameroon198Cowhide214774
07.07.2014India India180Polypropylene fibers214464
19.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic324Needles small diameter knitting machines212921
19.06.2014Togo Togo161Remnants of the skin212890
10.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic190Draughtproof fabric211988
09.06.2014Slovakia Slovakia209Turkish wave (ALIZE)211816
29.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic209Big bags210889
28.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic199Cold laminating machine210754
14.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic429Remnants of skin209368
14.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic192Cotton footage209351
05.05.2014Ecuador Ecuador302Spare parts for knitting machines208514