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Textile, clothing, leather, footwear. Travel goods

Enquiries in industry : Textile, clothing, leather, footwear. Travel goods. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 951 Enquiries

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19.04.2017Great Britain Great Britain0 286651
30.09.2016Australia Australia163Polyesters - Australia277606
29.09.2016Turkey Turkey98Footwear277572
29.09.2016Turkey Turkey79Women277551
20.09.2016Belgium Belgium70Sheep leather276822
19.09.2016Russia Russia46Synthetic Fabrics276716
19.09.2016Belgium Belgium58Donkey skin276707
19.09.2016Belgium Belgium69Goatskin276701
19.09.2016Russia Russia50Fabrics, hemp, jute, ramie and paper276692
19.09.2016Belgium Belgium65Cowhide276686
19.09.2016Russia Russia46Linen fabrics276674
16.09.2016Russia Russia54Fabrics, cotton276585
15.09.2016Russia Russia51Fabrics, silk276510
15.09.2016Russia Russia53Fabrics for garments and home textiles276507
15.09.2016Russia Russia51Yarns and fabrics, elastic276492
14.09.2016United States United States54Pillows - USA276333
12.09.2016Great Britain Great Britain87Socks276190
09.09.2016Canada Canada77Cotton waste276071
08.09.2016United States United States72Military Uniforms276007
07.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic96Tapes from nonvulcanite ruber275863
05.09.2016Belgium Belgium66Cotton gloves275625
05.09.2016Germany Germany92Leather trousers275621
31.08.2016Sweden Sweden96Boots275276
30.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain93Medical vests275191
30.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain89Safety vinyl gloves275173
29.08.2016Swiss Swiss54Donkey skin275039
26.08.2016France France85Natural fabrics274919
26.08.2016Spain Spain69Raw cotton274892
24.08.2016Russia Russia80Woven textile274653
24.08.2016United States United States104Geotextilie - USA274629
19.08.2016Spain Spain98Nonwoven274269
10.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain77Diapers273376
08.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic105Mechanical gearboxes273164
05.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain68Functional underwear for cyclists273041
05.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain59Functional underwear for cyclists273032
03.08.2016Turkey Turkey65Wooden spools272729
29.07.2016Swiss Swiss50Cloth labels272470
29.07.2016Canada Canada67Mosquito nets of 100% polyester yarns272458
28.07.2016Canada Canada70Formal wear for men and women272391
21.07.2016Canada Canada71Frozen beef271882