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19.06.2014Italy Italy420Freight transport milk212892
18.06.2014United States United States400Liquefied natural gas (LNG)212755
22.05.2014Italy Italy365Installation of pipelines210198
14.05.2014Sri Lanca Sri Lanca399Shipments of palm oil209379
13.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic382Maritime transport209226
23.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1303Engineering and material design applied to yacht sector for the development of a.....168936
10.12.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic591Transport165976
06.12.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic521Transport SK-HU165846
03.12.2012Slovakia Slovakia669New and Used Wooden Palettes165501
26.11.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic590Transport165008
19.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia488Cargo Traffic France - Slovakia164542
19.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia487Transport Switzerland - Slovakia164508
15.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia549Truck Mixer164312
14.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia541Manufacturing of composite materials based on used coffee grounds164222
12.11.2012Slovakia Slovakia501Technology for bonding of steel pins in ceramic holes164027
31.10.2012Germany Germany566Used Buses163226
31.10.2012Germany Germany490Used Trucks163224
15.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia579Transport of the Machine from CZ to SK161992
11.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia484Casting Transport161797
10.10.2012Slovenia Slovenia466Regular Transport from Slovenia to Czech and Slovak Republic and Poland161716
04.10.2012Slovakia Slovakia531IBC Containers161220
13.09.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic505Railway Carriage Brake Pads159967
06.09.2012Brasil Brasil502Car Squeegee Dryer159386
20.08.2012China China527Automotive Sp157851
02.08.2012Slovakia Slovakia601Active flow, load and noise control technologies for the next generation of acti.....156406
30.07.2012Russia Russia598Used Rails156063
17.07.2012Lithuania Lithuania544Body Parts154952
16.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia567Transport154772
11.07.2012Sweden Sweden480Hypalon River Rafts154389
04.07.2012Mali Mali552Shock Absorbers154030
02.07.2012Slovakia Slovakia454Car Ferry (SK-US)153930
20.06.2012Pakistan Pakistan524Engines153405
12.06.2012China China465Aircraft Spare Parts153032
12.06.2012Great Britain Great Britain477Alloy Truck Side Guards153029
12.06.2012Tanzania Tanzania488Flatbed Trailer 3 Axle Container Trailer153010
06.06.2012Slovakia Slovakia547Bus Service152699
04.06.2012India India633Aluminium Motor Body152586
22.05.2012Malaysia Malaysia442Isuzu 4BD1 4BD1T Diesel Engine151998
22.05.2012Czech Republic Czech Republic409Bikes and Accessories151994
18.05.2012Slovakia Slovakia361Material for tire balancing151828