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10.10.2016Germany Germany63Road freight transport278074
04.10.2016Germany Germany76Road freight transport277834
04.10.2016Germany Germany74Road freight transport277814
03.10.2016Germany Germany67Road freight transport277764
29.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic24Road freight transport277543
22.09.2016Germany Germany37Road freight transport277024
20.09.2016Germany Germany21Road freight transport276789
16.09.2016Germany Germany27Road freight transport276615
16.09.2016Germany Germany23Road freight transport276591
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic21Road freight transport276508
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic23Road freight transport276506
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic28Road freight transport276499
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic21Road freight transport276491
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic22Road freight transport276485
15.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic24Road freight transport276476
13.09.2016Albania Albania19Electric Nissan Leaf276295
12.09.2016Germany Germany19Road freight transport276210
12.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic21Road freight transport276177
05.09.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic46Road freight transport275632
02.09.2016Great Britain Great Britain42Used alternators275514
31.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic39National transport pallet shipments275303
31.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic56Trailers275285
31.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic51Vans275283
30.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic54Trucks275186
30.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic38Automobiles275180
19.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic50Vans274285
19.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic46Cars274276
12.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic29Road transport of passengers273600
11.08.2016Germany Germany33Road freight transport273489
04.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic44Sprockets272831
02.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic29Road freight transport272650
01.08.2016Germany Germany25Road freight transport272575
28.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic30Road freight transport272365
27.07.2016Germany Germany28Road freight transport272265
27.07.2016Germany Germany34Road freight transport272256
26.07.2016Germany Germany26Road freight transport272159
26.07.2016Germany Germany23Road freight transport272146
25.07.2016Germany Germany20Road freight transport272084
20.07.2016Germany Germany32Road freight transport271786
20.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic33Road freight transport271782