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Waste and scrap of lead, zinc or tin.

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04.09.2012UkraineUkraine520Zinc Skimming159204
07.08.2012UkraineUkraine524Zinc Scrap156799
21.05.2009SlovakiaSlovakia537Sn dust and tins93361
05.08.2008IndiaIndia1001Scrap Metals81532
25.06.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic1222Non-ferrous metals80361
11.06.2008PakistanPakistan1022Metal - buy-out 80004
16.04.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic733Lead scrap, garbage lead78017
07.03.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic1031Metal and plastic scrap - 21.500 MT76735
18.02.2008Czech RepublicCzech Republic928Stainless steel scrap75938
02.11.2007Great BritainGreat Britain1110Battery Scrap72728
23.10.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1234Metal scrap72336
10.10.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1511Metal scrap71959
01.10.2007IndiaIndia1161Scrap lead batteries71547
28.08.2007Czech RepublicCzech Republic1452Metal scrap - steel70707
18.05.2007SlovakiaSlovakia1670Metal scrap, non-ferrous metals67632
12.04.2007IndiaIndia1424COPPER SCRAP AND NON FERROUS SCRAP66214