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Water and sewage - Environmental services

Enquiries in industry : Water and sewage - Environmental services. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 148 Enquiries

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18.01.2017Canada Canada4Copper scrap282286
11.01.2017Portugal Portugal14Copper scrap281957
19.12.2016Turkey Turkey31Old lead-acid batteries281139
19.12.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria19Waste plastic sheeting281129
19.12.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria24Waste from plastic bottles281124
19.12.2016Slovakia Slovakia23Copper waste281079
16.12.2016United States United States26HDPE Bottle Scrap281035
25.10.2016Spain Spain66Brass scrap278723
24.10.2016Spain Spain89Aluminium scrap278677
24.10.2016Spain Spain66Zinc scrap278662
24.10.2016Spain Spain69Copper scrap278653
11.10.2016United States United States52Lead scrap278099
11.10.2016United States United States66Brass scrap278094
10.10.2016United States United States64Copper scrap278069
10.10.2016United States United States60Metal Scrap278064
10.10.2016United States United States66Aluminium scrap278059
07.10.2016Greece Greece72LDPE Scrap278004
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland72Aluminium scrap277974
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland64Copper scrap277964
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland66Metal Scrap277954
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland65Steel scrap277944
06.10.2016Ireland Ireland81Used tires277924
05.10.2016Poland Poland60Plastic LDPE scrap277909
30.09.2016Australia Australia87Electrical cables scrap277630
30.09.2016United States United States73Waste from plastic bottles of milk277624
30.09.2016Australia Australia86Aluminium scrap277618
30.09.2016United States United States78Waste plastic barrels277597
30.09.2016Australia Australia55Batteries scrap277591
29.09.2016Australia Australia56Stainless Steel Scrap277548
27.09.2016Korea Korea29Aluminum waste277351
27.09.2016Australia Australia18Plastic scrap277336
27.09.2016Australia Australia19Brass scrap277327
23.09.2016Australia Australia23Copper Scrap277124
23.09.2016United Arab Em... United Arab Em...42Battery Scrap277118
22.09.2016United States United States29Waste from plastic bottles277027
22.09.2016Spain Spain35Drained Lead Battery Scraps277021
22.09.2016United States United States35Aluminum UBC277009
22.09.2016United States United States30PMMA Scrap277003
21.09.2016United States United States31PC Scrap276902
16.09.2016Russia Russia27Solar and Photovoltaics276600