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Wood, furniture and wooden products

Enquiries in industry : Wood, furniture and wooden products. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1630 Enquiries

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02.09.2016United States United States324Wood - Eucalyptus275516
31.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic264Wooden logs - oak275301
12.08.2016United States United States256Mahogany273620
12.08.2016Germany Germany270Fire wood273608
09.08.2016United States United States249Wooden logs273271
04.08.2016Slovakia Slovakia238Wooden windows272832
02.08.2016Turkey Turkey232Cutting tools for wood272661
02.08.2016United States United States222Acacia wood272655
27.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic239Fire wood272260
14.07.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria279Wood271283
13.07.2016Spain Spain281Used wooden sleepers271183
12.07.2016Denmark Denmark232Sawdust271024
11.07.2016Denmark Denmark224Woodchips270981
29.06.2016United States United States265Wood chips270265
10.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain306Wooden floors268700
09.06.2016France France310Fire beechwood268665
08.06.2016Netherlands Netherlands268Wood flooring268560
20.05.2016Germany Germany289Fire wood266910
18.05.2016Austria Austria313Wood - Logs266685
26.01.2016Israel Israel314Hadr fire wood256888
08.09.2014Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia321Hotel furniture220376
08.09.2014Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia402Furniture stores220360
29.08.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic396Waterjet cutting219512
25.06.2014Etiopia Etiopia233Polishing machine213372
24.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic195Beer sets213277
17.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic206Garden furniture212681
16.06.2014South Africa South Africa152Machines that produces wood wool212502
04.06.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic345Waterjet cutting211409
30.05.2014Italy Italy172The tables in hotel rooms211057
30.05.2014Italy Italy191Cases in hotels211045
30.05.2014Italy Italy185Chairs for hotel rooms211035
30.05.2014Italy Italy211Beds in hotels211032
30.05.2014Italy Italy200Wardrobes211027
21.05.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic147Machine for the production of briquettes210048
13.05.2014Italy Italy326Laminated spruce209241
28.04.2014Czech Republic Czech Republic182Drills207952
23.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia1121Engineering and material design applied to yacht sector for the development of a.....168936
18.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia916Railroad Sleepers168608
18.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia954Decorative Candles168607
08.01.2013Slovakia Slovakia915Carpentry Installation Work167786