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Wood, furniture and wooden products

Enquiries in industry : Wood, furniture and wooden products. Total number of enquiries within this industry is 1660 Enquiries

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29.12.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic204Wooden planks on the floor281500
26.09.2016Slovakia Slovakia71Furniture for houses277250
26.09.2016Slovakia Slovakia65Furniture for schools277247
26.09.2016Slovakia Slovakia62Furniture for hospitals277235
20.09.2016United States United States57Chips - USA276804
02.09.2016United States United States132Wood - Eucalyptus275516
31.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic98Wooden logs - oak275301
26.08.2016Great Britain Great Britain63Wood furniture274904
12.08.2016United States United States71Mahogany273620
12.08.2016Germany Germany102Fire wood273608
09.08.2016United States United States95Wooden logs273271
04.08.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic81Decking from Siberian larch272835
04.08.2016Slovakia Slovakia83Wooden windows272832
03.08.2016Turkey Turkey65Wooden spools272729
02.08.2016Turkey Turkey61Cutting tools for wood272661
02.08.2016United States United States60Acacia wood272655
01.08.2016United States United States76Flooring Strips272569
27.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic84Fire wood272260
20.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic67Beams for the construction of ceilings271753
19.07.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic76Wooden market stalls271650
14.07.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria68Wood271283
13.07.2016Bulgaria Bulgaria95Rattan and wicker271195
13.07.2016Spain Spain94Used wooden sleepers271183
12.07.2016Denmark Denmark69Sawdust271024
11.07.2016Denmark Denmark77MDF boards270987
11.07.2016Denmark Denmark72Woodchips270981
29.06.2016United States United States103Wood chips270265
10.06.2016Great Britain Great Britain119Wooden floors268700
09.06.2016France France138Fire beechwood268665
09.06.2016Lithuania Lithuania122Wood veneer268644
08.06.2016Netherlands Netherlands105Wood flooring268560
31.05.2016Slovakia Slovakia119Construction timber267801
27.05.2016Belgium Belgium78Cantilever shelves267591
20.05.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic101Wood briquettes266911
20.05.2016Germany Germany114Fire wood266910
18.05.2016Austria Austria137Wood - Logs266685
13.05.2016Czech Republic Czech Republic126Garage doors266189
26.01.2016Israel Israel135Hadr fire wood256888
19.10.2015Czech Republic Czech Republic132Fire wood250921
09.10.2015Germany Germany125Fire wood250477